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12 pregnancy superfoods you will actually want to eat

Being pregnant is hard enough with the nausea, hip pain, and sleepless nights. Eating healthy is probably one of the things you may have lost sleep over, I know I did! You want to make the right choices when it comes to food, but it can be tough when some of the recommended foods send you running to the closest bathroom.  Luckily, there is a short list of foods that you may actually WANT to eat that are also healthy for you and baby.


Who doesn’t love a reason to eat more avocado?  They are high in potassium and the good kind of fat to help you and baby grow during this time. The potassium will help with those leg cramps that may start keeping you up at night around the second trimester.


This one is a double whamy. First off, its filled with Vitamin C which is a great way to keep mama feeling good during pregnancy. Pineapple also contains prostaglandins which has been known to soften the cervix and can help a woman prepare for labor. Some say it will even help induce labor!


Like avocado,bananas will really help with the night-time leg cramps! If you haven’t had them yet, you will be searching for relief as soon as they start! Mine were so bad I was sore the next morning from my muscles working so hard!


Kale is good for you anytime, pregnant or not. But while baby is on board, it provides just about everything you could need! In just one cup of kale you get your daily needs of calcium, potassium Vitamin K and A


This one is right up there with kale in terms of being a home run super food. I know it’s hard for me to eat it solo, but mix it in with some kale, grilled chicken and all your favorite salad fixins  and you’ll get just about every needed nutrient for the day in one meal!


The high amount of protein will help you stay nausea free. Plus, egg yolk is a super food for your baby’s brain!


Rich in probiotics and protein! I love this food because there are so many possibilities to make it delicious! Sure, it’s great all by itself, but add a little granola with some strawberries and it’s a great sweet treat! I always go with a Greek yogurt because it has more protein and will keep the morning sickness away!

Chia Seeds

where to start on all the benefits of this tiny food- Omega 3’s, micronutrients, protein, fiber.. the list goes on and on! A quick Pinterest search for chia seed recipes will give you endless possibilities on how to eat this super food. I preferred mine in a strawberry smoothie with almond milk while pregnant!


At any given moment during my pregnancy, you could find a bag of almonds in my purse or desk drawer. They are a great pregnancy snack! They have a ton of protein, fiber, calcium and vitamin E. They are by far the best nut you can eat while expecting!


It’s weird for me to say this now, but I CRAVED steamed broccoli when I was pregnant with Emmy. I would sprinkle a little garlic salt on it and just eat it all day! It is a great source of folic acid, which your baby needs to grow big and strong!

What foods do you enjoy eating the most while pregnant? I always love hearing about those weird cravings! Comment and share!

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The information shared in this post is not intended to be taken as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.


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