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Baby Food Basics from Swaddles n' Bottles

The BIG day is here: baby’s first solids! Get the video camera ready because there is nothing cuter than your baby with green peas running down their adorable little chin.

What to feed baby

Once you are sure that baby is ready for solids and you have all your needed equipment, it’s time for the first bites. Below are the list of foods that are A-Okay for baby in their first stage of eating (4-6 months)

  • Banana
  • Sweet Potato
  • Pear
  • Yellow Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Green Peas
  • Apple
  • Avocado
  • Brown Rice Cereal

Be sure to read up on the seven foods you should never feed your baby.

During the first few months of solids, baby should not be introduced to more than 2 flavors per week. When the time comes to feed baby, make sure the food is slightly warm, but not hot.

Always double check foods before serving to make sure they are not over heated!

During the first few feedings, you want the consistency of the food to be almost liquid so it’s easy for baby to get the hang of the whole spoon thing. You can water it down with formula or breast milk to help make it more familiar to baby.

Emmy’s first food was rice cereal and it was a hit as you can see! After rice cereal, we introduced bananas and apples. Next came sweet peas which were NOT a success. She hated it to the point of crying. We are experimenting with mixing in some fruits to make it less bitter for her.

Best Time to Feed baby

Try to set up baby’s first bites when he or she isn’t too hungry. You want to be sure every one is in a good mood for this new endeavor (even mom!).

It is also suggested that you do your first bites in the day time in case there are any allergic or gassy reactions.  We made the mistake of giving Emmy apples for the first time right before bed time and it upset her tummy. She was up for almost an hour past bed time just fussing!

Some pediatricians suggest stopping half way through a  day time breast-feeding session and transitioning to the high chair to start the solid feeding. This way baby is still focused on eating and it will make it easier.

It Won’t Be An Instant Success…

…But don’t let that discourage you! The reason that so many first attempts are not a walk in the park is because of baby’s tongue thrust reflex. This reflex causes babies to push any unknown or unwanted liquids out of their mouth with their tongue to prevent choking. This reflex disappears between 4-6 months of age, so if it doesn’t go smoothly the first time, try again in a week or so. You aren’t doing anything wrong, it just means baby might not be ready!

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