Start Your Own Blog!

When Emmy was just a few months old, I decided that I wanted to start a blog.  Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought I would be a “mom blogger”! Yet, here I was, blogging my little heart out about all things pregnancy and parenting.

I quickly fell in love with it! I was connecting with mama’s all over the country (even some internationally)! This was better than any job I have ever had. I had a discovered an untapped passion!

The choice to start a blog came with a lot of challenges. I put in a lot of hours, hurdled over a lot of obstacles and questioned if I was crazy for taking on this endeavor! But soon after launching my blog, my efforts started to pay off. I began bringing in thousands of pageviews, then hundreds of thousands. And with that came financial freedom!

While I once thought the luxury of staying at home would be short lived in order to get back dual income, I would now be able to stay at home with my daughter!

As I began networking with other mom bloggers, a few asked me for tips, tricks and insight into my strategy. I was so excited to share it with them! I had experienced the thrill of creating a blog and watching it grow  into a success and I wanted to help them experience it too! I quickly recognized this feeling I was having: it was passion! I was crazy obsessed with helping others grow their blogs.

The Basics of Blogging from Swaddles n' Bottles

I launched The Basics of Bloggings in July 2017 to help others create and grow their blogs.  I’d love the chance to help you start your blog! I’ve written the Business Blogging Blueprint to help those who are ready to start their blog today! Plus- It’s free!

Ready to get started? Click below to read my “start a blog” series!