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The Seventh Month: Milestones, Sleep Schedules & Eating Habits

Wow. Your baby has reached the seventh month. The last six months have probably flown past. Your tiny baby (probably 6-8 pounds at birth) has most likely doubled in weight.

Physical Changes

Your baby is changing in so many ways. The physical abilities, growth, and strength are fantastic. Your baby seems to be doing and growing so much. 


Your baby has probably learned to sit pretty well by now. You probably don’t need so many props and pillows these days. Sitting on the floor or in an activity center is probably a favorite activity. Don’t worry if your baby isn’t sitting quite independently. It sometimes doesn’t happen until month eight or nine. 

Food or Immunization Reactions

Reactions to foods or immunizations are not uncommon. Children can sometimes have intolerances and allergies to foods. The reason it’s suggested that you only introduce one food at a time and wait a few days between is that there are sometimes allergies that slowly become rashes or skin irritations. Not all allergies happen at once. Your baby may have experienced some of these or some reactions to immunizations. 

Reactions to shots are not only expected, but it is also an excellent sign that their immune systems are working. With many immunizations, the reactions happen with the second shot or later boosters. This is because as the body learns the “intruders,” it starts to make antibodies when it suspects that the germ is present. 

Less Milk

Your baby is likely taking fewer bottles or turns at the breast since you introduced foods. This change is desirable. Your baby will not live on breastmilk for the rest of his or her life. Enjoy the bonding, but remember, your baby is growing up! 

Clapping and Grabbing

Your baby’s hands are busy. Now that he or she can direct them to do many things, you can bet that those hands will get moving. Your baby will clap his or her hands and may tap on tabletops, the carpet, hard floors, and even you. These sounds are fascinating. The toddler creed is “it’s mine.” Your baby is headed to toddlerhood, so they have to explore what they will lay claim to later. 

Crawling is Coming

If your baby isn’t crawling yet, that’s not surprising. However, he or she may be raising on all fours and rocking. Encourage the movement! Some babies may also be trying to low crawl. GI Joe or GI Jane may be on the move. Some babies have mastered rolling to and fro and will not hesitate to roll around the room. 


Your baby’s sleep patterns are similar to the last month or so but could be shortening some. You will still notice that your baby sleeps most of the night, but an occasional overnight feeding during growth spurts is not unusual. You will probably see a drop to around 14 hours of sleep per day. 


The clapping and grabbing mentioned above will also help teach cognitive behaviors. Likewise, the food you give your baby is equally essential for brain development. 

Babble on Little One

Your baby is probably very vocal now. We have probably moved on from dada, baba, and mama and started making other noises. Some words might be intentional, but most of them are still chatter. Children, who are talked to, tend to try to talk back. Keep talking to your child. The happier you seem, the happier and more excited your baby will be. You might also get yelled at instead of cries when your baby wants your attention.

Personality on Parade

Your baby’s personality will really begin to shine at this time. He or she will begin to refuse foods that are not pleasing and prefer certain toys. Some children are loud and demanding of attention, while others couldn’t care less if anyone is in the room. You will start to learn your baby’s preferences and cues at this time. Nature and nurture are at play here. Don’t give in to your baby too much, but a little indulgence never spoiled anyone. 

Social Butterflies

Some children’s personalities are social butterflies. He or she is looking for more ways to interact with you. Peek-A-Boo, hiding, and tickling are often favorite activities. Any activity that involves interaction, touch, or communication will be at the top of their list of things to do today.

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