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What to Expect At Your 20 Week Anatomy Scan

Between 18 and 22 weeks, your doctor will order an Ultrasound Anatomy Scan. An Anatomy scan, also known as a targeted ultrasound, is a Level 2 ultrasound At your anatomy scans purpose is a long list of measurements  and the taking a more detailed look at major organs and body parts of baby.

The equipment used in the anatomy scan will feel very similar to a regular ultrasound, however the process will be much longer since the technician will be gathering more information on mama and baby than a typical ultrasound (average time is 30-45 minutes). The technician may have you drink water prior to starting your scan, as a full bladder will help get better pictures of your little one.

You will notice that the images you see in your anatomy scan will be much clearer than your typical ultrasound. Some providers offer 3D or even 4D images at the 20 week Anatomy Scan, however not all do.

Finding Out the Sex of Baby at 20 Week Anatomy Scan

The time has finally come! If you don’t know the sex of your baby, you will be able to find out at your 20 week anatomy scan! If you do not want to find out the sex- be sure to tell the technician before starting the scan.

What The Anatomy Scan (Level 2 Ultrasound) Looks At

The general goal of the anatomy scan is to ensure that your little baby (or babies) is growing as it should. Many measurements will be taken. The technician will measure from baby’s top to bottom, will measure the head and may even provide you with a weight estimate.

The scan will look in-depth at the babies heart. They will look at all four chambers of the heart to ensure everything is functioning as it should.

They will also take an in-depth look at other major organs: kidney, lungs, belly, bladder, brain and spine as well. They will measure your levels of amniotic fluid and check out mamas anatomy as well: placenta, uterus, etc.

They will take a look at the amount of amniotic fluid in your belly as wetland make sure it is within the right parameters.

In most cases, the doctor will notify you if they see anything of concern. Feel free to ask questions. Keep in mind that the technician is working hard to get all the accurate information and may not walk you through each step. Don’t let their silence worry you!

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