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This post is sponsored by Premom, one of the best apps to help those who are TTC with tracking their ovulation.

You and your partner are finally ready to start planning for a baby. You have read countless articles, scrolled days on Pinterest, and read through hundreds of TTC (trying to conceive) community forums on just about everything. Something that seems once seemed so intuitive now seems like it might be a lot harder and take longer than you were anticipating. I am here to say, you don’t need to be scared because all you need to know are some basic tips to help you determine the best time to have intercourse, and this will give you your best odds at getting a bun in your oven.

Best Ovulation Predictor Method – Use Ovulation Tests

The best way to track when ovulation is going to occur is by using ovulation tests or ovulation predictor kits (OPKs). Ovulation tests detect the luteinizing hormone (LH) that is present in your urine. This hormone is always present in a woman’s body but will increase when an egg is released. Ovulation tests work best. Follow the progression of your hormone levels and watch for the surge of your LH, ending in an LH peak the day before your ovulation occurs. Your three best chances at getting pregnant are the peak LH day, the day before, and ovulation day.

Premom is the same company that makes easy@Home ovulation and pregnancy tests. I saw that they are best sellers on amazon and have over 6,500 5-star reviews. The Premom brand makes ovulation and pregnancy tests as well. Premom is the only ovulation test brand that sells Quantitative Ovulation Tests. These tests will actually tell you the amount of LH that is present in your urine when you use the strips with the app. That is really amazing. I found it easier to be able to find my peak fertility with these strips because the test results are easier to read.

How to Track Ovulation with The Premom Ovulation Tracker In 4 Steps

  1. Log your periods on time!

This is one of the simplest yet most overlooked aspects of tracking when trying to get pregnant. Tracking your ovulation and period are interrelated, so it’s important to keep your logs up to date. This is the only period app that I have found that actually gets my period right every month! 

2. Use ovulation test strips and begin to test ovulation between 12PM-7PM.

If this is your first cycle testing, it is recommended that you start testing the first day after your last period day. This will help you know when you start to ovulate, as everyone is different. This is also the time you will identify if you have rapid or gradual onset surges. Rapid onset is when your LH surge happens within a few hours, giving you a very small window to detect a positive ovulation test. Gradual onset lasts for about 5 days with a slow build up to peak. You may experience multiple positives but should always look for your last darkest test line (highest T/C ratio or LH level).

Premom’s ovulation test reader feature is my favorite part of the app. For those that track ovulation with ovulation tests, I would highly recommend tracking using the instructions above. This app allows you to snap a picture of your test result, and it will assign it a value of low, high, or peak to indicate your most fertile time of the month. You can see your complete ovulation line progression, which makes it easier to spot when you are getting close to peak fertility. Premom also automatically charts your ovulation test results so you can see in a chart view with all your other ovulation tracking methods. Being able to identify if a test line has been darker or as dark as the control line has not always been easy, so that’s why I love that this app does that for me.

3. Confirm ovulation with a second tracking method

Although ovulation tests have proven to be the most effective ovulation calculator method it’s also good to track with a second method to confirm ovulation is occurring. Tracking your basal body temperature is a great method that can be tracked in Premom! Premom/easy@Home has a smart basal thermometer that will automatically sync up to the app and record and chart your temperature every morning. It charts it along with the other fertility tracking you are doing so you can see your entire fertility chart and compare it cycle to cycle. This makes what was once a very error-prone method a lot more accurate.

4. Have intercourse on your peak fertility days!

After you have been tracking and uploading everything into the app — from ovulation tests to moods, to medications — now you just need to make sure you are actually doing the deed on the right days! Aim to have sex on your peak LH day and ovulation day, as well as any time within your predicted fertile window. You can log sex with a quick tap in the app and it will then show in your calendar and chart views.

Premom’s Pregnancy Guarantee Will Give You the Confidence You Need

Now, for what I think really sets this app apart from other period tracker/fertility apps: They have a pregnancy guarantee program that says if you don’t get pregnant within 9-cycles of trying they will refund your easy@Home or Premom ovulation or pregnancy test purchases. Along with getting a refund, you also get a free fertility consultation when you have been trying for at least 6 months. These are just two of the benefits they are offering, along with in-depth cycle reports and insights to help you get pregnant. The expense of trying to get pregnant can add up really quickly if you factor in all of the fertility tests, fertility appointments, and supplements. It’s nice to know there’s a company that stands by you and stands by their product.

If you want to try out the Premom app, you can download the app here for Android or here for iOS.

Getting pregnant is not as easy as just downloading an app and “Poof!” you’re pregnant. BUT, it’s great to know that there are tools right at your fingertips to really support you along the way. I highly recommend downloading Premom Ovulation Tracker if you are trying to conceive and let us know if it helped you get pregnant! To learn more about Premom go to

Wishing everyone lots of baby dust and a safe fertility journey!

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