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Top 100 Baby Boy Names

Top 100 Baby Boy Names

Naming a baby is serious business. Luckily for you, we’ve got a LONG list of ideas! Here are a few of our top tips when it comes to naming your little man:

  • Make sure the name sounds well with your last name
  • What are the nicknames that come with the name? Are these names you like?
  • Is the spelling something others will be able to easily pronounce? Too unique isn’t always a good thing!
  • What re some common  family names? (this is always a great place to start when thinking of names)
  • Be sure to check the initials of the name and the monogram as well.

Here’s the list of the most popular baby boy names for 2019:

Milo- Merciful Soldier

Jasper- bringer of treasure

Asher- fortunate, blessed, happy one

Atticus- from Attica

Silas- wood, forest

Theodore- Gift of God

Jack- God is Gracious

Finn- fair or white

Aarav- Peacful

Felix- happy, fortunate

Henry- estate ruler

Wyatt- brave in war

Oscar- God Spear, warrior champion

Oliver- olive tree

Leo- lion

Julian- youthful

Levi- joined, attached

Ethan- Strong, Firm

Arthur- bear

Louis- renowned Warrior

James- supplanter

Ezra- Helper

Soren- stern

Charles- Free Man

Charlie- variation of Charles, free man

Jude- praised

Liam- resolute protector

Theo- divine gift

Aaron- High Mountain, Exhaulted, Enlightened

Axel- father of peace

Eli- ascended, uplifted, high”

Emmett- universal

Harry- estate ruler

Cassius- hollow

Kai- sea

Thompson- Son of Tom

Calen- Modern Invented name, meaning unknown

Sebastian- person from ancient city of Sebasta

Declan- man of prayer

Atlas- Greek God Name

Jayden- Thankful

William- resolute protector

Benjamin- son of the right hand

Miles- soldier or merciful

Arlo- Place-name, literary name, or short form of Carlo

Lucas- man from Lucania

Elio- Italian and Spanish from Greek sun-god, Helios

Elijah- Yahweh is God

Owen-young warrior; well-born

Otis- wealthy

Alexander- defending Men

Amias- Loved

Archer- bowman

Luke- man from Lucania

August- Great, magnificent

Zachary- the Lord has remembered

Tobias- God is Good

Roman- citizen of Rome

Jacob- supplanter

Elias- Yahweh is God

Otto- wealthy

Isaac- laughter

Cyrus- Sun

Hugo- mind, intellect

Callum- dove

Ryker- Rich

John- God is Gracious

Gabriel- God is my strength

Everett- Forrest, wooded

Josiah- God supports, heals

Noah- rest, wandering

Cassien- meaning unknown

Simon- the listener

Lewis- renowned warrior

Samuel- told by God

Xavier- Bright

Kit- Variation of Christopher, meaning bearer of Christ

Ronan-little seal

Nolan- Champion

Aurelius- The Golden One

Gideon- hewer

Max- The greatest

Andrew- strong and manly

Graham- gravelly homestead

Joseph- Jehovah increases

Beau- handsome

Caius- rejoice

Bear- named from animal

David- beloved

Knox- round hill

Sawyer- Woodcutter

Caspien- meaning unknown, named after Caspian Sea

Lachlan- from the fjord-land

Daniel-God is my Judge

Ambrose- immortal one

Beckett- bee hive, little brook or bee cottage

Abel- breath

Isaiah- Salvation of the Lord


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