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We’ve been waiting for quite some time to announce this giveaway and I am so excited it is finally here! We are giving away a $100 DockATot Gift Card! We have come to love this product so much and I cannot wait to here how much the winner loves it too!

Our sweet Emmy is one cuddly baby. Our night time routine has always included singing songs while cuddling and rocking. Emmy has always been a good sleeper once she falls asleep, but getting her to sleep was sometimes a struggle. We would rock and cuddle for 10-15 minutes, but as soon as we laid her down she would fuss. I always imagined she didn’t like going from being so close to mom or dad to all alone in her crib.  Once we got a DockATot, this problem seemed to slowly fade away. We are now able to lay her down while she is still awake and she no longer fusses!

DockATot GiveAway!

DockATot GiveAway!

We ordered the DockATot Grand since it was the size suggested for Emmy’s age and weight. I have to admit that when it arrived, it was MUCH larger than I had envisioned. But that wasn’t a bad thing. Come to find out, she can use the DockATot Grand up until THREE years of age! I have a habit of sneaking into Emmy’s room every once in a while (read: every night) to watch her sleep for a bit. I’ve noticed that her arms and legs always seem to be in a position where they are pressed up against the padding of the DockATot. I really think it has created a sense of security for her while she sleeps. Shes always got something soft to cuddle up to.   I also love that the padding around the edges acts as a bumper in her crib. I’ve always worried about her little hand getting stuck!

Sweet Emmy is now sleeping about 14 hours each night and taking 2 or 3 extra long naps per day! She usually wakes up from naps with a big happy grin and it just such a delight!

Sooooo I’m sure you are just dying to know how you can enter to win! It is SO SIMPLE. All you have to do it visit our Instagram page and follow the instructions on the post! Here’s the link!

Giveaway winner will be announce March 13 via Facebook!


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