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In the short time that I have been blogging since having my daughter, it has grown into a huge passion. Blogging has created an opportunity for me to connect with a ton of other new moms all over the country and that has been super rewarding. I also have also come to love all it takes to build and maintain a website. You can ask any of my close family members and they will tell you that I talk about my blog ALL. THE. TIME.

I woke up one beautiful Monday morning with motivation flowing out of my ears to write some amazing blog content and have a great week! I sat down at my computer and the first thing I saw on my webpage was a notification that I had received an email through my website. THIS IS EXCITING! Right? No. I must have re-read the email like 6 times. Was this for real? My heart kind of hurt…

Based on the content of the email I’m sure the sender is now a subscriber and avid reader (please pick up on the sarcasm there), so I’m not going to paste it word for word. Here’s the gist of it. A very kind woman, we will call her Debra, had come across my post on how to increase your breast milk in 48 hours. If you haven’t read it, you should, it is by far my most popular post with about 1,000 page views per day. I love that post because it is almost like a journal entry of what I did for 2 days to get my production up and flowin’ again for a weekend trip away from baby with Jay. Well Debra was basically appalled by the things I suggested other mom’s do. She really schooled me as to why telling a mother to drink Gatorade was basically like telling them to pass poison onto their babies. And didn’t I know that a drink like that will make a baby have ADHD?! Especially the RED (duh?). She was sure to point out that she knew this and much more because she was a holistic nutritionist and a Doula. Debra the Doula.

So of course, a feeling of self consciousness washed over me. I mean, my baby was only 3 months old, who was I to be putting information out there about pumping and breastfeeding?! 1,000 page views a day, that’s alot of future kids with ADHD! What was I thinking starting a blog about something I obviously knew nothing about? Right?

No. No. No. The sense finally started knocking into me about an hour later. I wasn’t going to let someone rain on my mom parade. Not today, Debra, not today. I am a good mom. I was on a mission to provide breast milk for my baby.   I, just like every other mom out there, am doing the best that I can. I am making the best decisions that I know to for me and my family. Debra’s method to motherhood was different than mine, but neither of them are wrong. Some may prefer natural child birth and vegan diets for their families. That’s great. I had an epidural and will feed my children goldfish, mostly so I have an excuse to eat them too. And that’s great too.  If you are raising your children in the best way you know how and teaching them to be kind and compassionate people, you are doing it right. Anyone who tells you otherwise needs a time-out. Or maybe we can talk about it using “I feel like” statements if that’s your mom-type. Whatever floats your mom boat.

The point of my rant… mom shaming ain’t cool. I know as a mom-blogger I am putting my opinion out there and I need to be prepared that there will be people who disagree. That’s okay. We have different methods., but we are all great moms.  I’ll respect yours all day, every day. One love.

But if you keep sending me emails Debra I’m going to block your IP address.





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