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Teething Relief Treats- Frozen Breast Milk Popsicles!

My daughter has turned into a teething monster! She is a drooling machine and it constantly trying to get a good chew out of anything around, including my fingers! I quickly learned that cold items are a huge relief for her! We are constantly rotating between our two new favorite teething treats: frozen breast milk popsicles and frozen fruits in the munchkin food net.

For the breast milk popsicles, I simply pump as much milk as a I can after Emmy goes to bed one night and fill these plastic Popsicle molds. Each mold takes about 1 ounce of milk. Freeze over night   We always eat our “milksicles” outside while not wearing any clothes because they get pretttty messy, but they last quiet come time. It usually takes Emmy about 15 minutes to get through one! She’s a happy girl for a few hours thanks to the pain relief it provides!

For the munchkin teething net, I cup up small prices of fruit and add 2-3 pieces at a time. We have tried mango, cantaloupe, watermelon and banana so far. They have all been a hit! I have since stopped doing bananas because they are SO hard to clean out of the net! The other three fruits have been easy to clean by hand and come out of the dishwasher spotless.

The net has been a big help on long car rides as well! I’ll just put a bit of fruit in Tupperware and if Emmy starts to get fussy I just fill it up for her and it keeps her happy for at least half an hour! Even if your baby isn’t teething, I would highly suggest this product! We seriously take it everywhere with us, as you can see! This teething net is available here.

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