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Labor and Delivery Nurse Thank You Gift Ideas

If you’ve delivered a baby in the past with the help of an L&D nurse, then you know how much they deserve some appreciation after all they do for you and your baby. If you are expecting your first, take my word for it: your L&D nurses will support you and help you in ways you probably never imagined you needed.

I’ve put together a list of items you can put into a little ‘thank you’ basket for the labor and delivery staff. There are really no rules on how much or how little you put in. The gesture of your thanks alone is going to be much appreciated. Even a simple handwritten thank you card is a great way to show your gratitude.

Baskets Vs. Individual Gifts

Below is a look at what we did for our second daughter’s thank you baggies. While we did a basket the first time around, we opted to do individual baggies with our second. We liked the idea of being able to personally hand something to each nurse who helped us. For the nurses who were not on shift when we were discharged, we simply wrote their name and a little note on the back of the tag and asked that it was passed along to her once she returned.

So as someone who has done both a basket and individual bags, I can say that both were equally appreciated by the staff. So no need to stress over which route to take. Both are great choices!

TIP: put your partner in charge of taking notes on the nurses. Write down their name, something special they helped you with, a great piece of advice they shared, etc. so you can make the thank you as personalized as possible.

You can grab the “Thank You” tags shown below here. You simply print them at home and hole punch to add to your bags/basket

Ideas for L&D Nurse Baskets/Bags

Here’s a quick list of items you could put into you bags or basket:

-Hand Sanitizer (small ones to fit in their pocket)

-Hair ties

-Mini Hand Lotions

-Protein Bars (I went with Cliff Bars that had a shot of espresso in them!)



-Liquid IV packets



-Popcorn (individual bags)

-Pretzels (individual bags)


-Granola Bars

-Bath Bombs

-Essential Oil Rollers

-Nail polish

-Mini bottles of wine

-Individually wrapped cookie/treats

Other Thank You Gift Ideas

If you want to go outside the box with your thank you gifts, there are a few other great options.

You could make a donation to the hospital in honor of all the wonderful Labor and Delivery nurses. After our daughter spent some time in the NICU we made a donation of items they were in need of (NICU-sized clothing, blankets for parents, etc). We wrote a note to let them know how thankful we were for the great care our daughter received.

Another fun way to thank the staff is after you leave the hospital. Sending a photo of your baby along with a note that even long after you’ve left the hospital, you still think of them! Most hospitals have bulletin boards in employee areas dedicated to photos of babies they have delivered.

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