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Baby Shower Activities that are NOT Games

Now don’t get me wrong, the traditional baby shower games can be really fun! I’ve played my fair share of “sniff the melted chocolate in the diaper” and thoroughly enjoyed myself each time.But sometimes, games just don’t feel right for the setting or the group of people who will be attending.  In which case, there are TONS of ways you can still throw a fun baby shower without the games! Here’s some fun activities to do when celebrating the mom-to-be and the little one on the way!

Advice for Mom Cards

These cards are the perfect way for experienced mothers to share they best advice and well wishes for the new mother. What’s better? You can download these for FREE and print them out.

The download includes advice cards in both pink and blue. Enjoy!

Baby Shower Gift Bingo

If you’ve ever sat at the center of attention at a baby shower and opened gifts for half an hour, you know that things can get a little… well, awkward. Everyone is watching you and ONLY you. Baby Shower Gift Bingo is a great way to keep your guests entertained and engaged while mama-to-be opens gifts! These come in a set of 30 for just five bucks! They are available in pink and blue and are an instant download product. Download the Bingo Cards here. 

Headband Making Station

A little girl can NEVER have enough headbands! This was the perfect activity for my first baby shower and I took home SO many cute headbands for baby girl. You can find the kits shown below, plus a TON of other option on Amazon and on Etsy. The kits usually come with everything you need, minus the glue guns, glue sticks and scissors. Brose more color options for headband kits here.   How to set up a headband station at a baby shower

Pacifier Hunt

While some may technically consider this a game, it is something guests can do on their own that involves prizes! Before baby shower guests arrive, hide 24 pacifiers around the party and place the sign out. Let your guests know as they walk in about the pacifier hunt and hand out gifts to the winner once all are found!


Onesie Making Station

This is a great activity for little girl or little boy baby showers! You can stock your onesie station with blank short sleeve and long sleeve onesies, in a variety of colors. The iron on embellishments shown below are all from Sweet Eve Boutique. Her specialty is custom vinyl for baby onesies! You can see a ton of great examples on her Instagram page here. You can also browse the packages she has available for onesie stations on the Sweet Eve Boutique Etsy page. 

Onesie making Stattion for Baby shower

Baby’s First ABC Book

This activity doubles as a guest book! Guests color a page and they can be assembled into a book for baby. The printables shown  are an instant download from Samantha B Designs, however, you still have the options to customize the book with baby’s name! You can download the printable here!  Here is a sheet projector book that the finished pages can be placed in.

Coloring Pages for Baby Book

Have a Diaper Raffle

For anyone who brings a package of diapers to the baby shower, they get a raffle ticket to put in the jar. You can choose to select just one winner or more to receive a prize!

You can download the raffle printable below. The download has both a pink and blue set of jar labels and tickets. If you have this at your baby shower, be sure to tag us on Instagram @swaddles.n.bottles. We would love to feature you!


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