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How to Have a Belly Only Pregnancy

Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy is not only acceptable, but it is healthy for baby! During your first trimester, you should gain an average of 1-5 pounds. During the second and third trimesters, an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Now, not all of that is pure weight on mama’s body. Take a look at the other areas that provide additional weight:

-Breast: 1-2 pounds

-Baby: 6-8 pounds

-Placenta: 1-2 pounds

-Uterus: 1-2 pounds

-Amniotic Fluid: 2-3 pounds

-Extra blood and fluids: 6-8 pounds

-Protein and Fat storage: 8-10 pounds

So how can you ensure that you stick within the healthy parameters of weight gain? Here’s the scoop on how to do it.


The notion that a pregnant woman is “eating for two” is true, but that does not mean she should be eating double what she normally does. One of the best programs to offer nutritional and healthy recipes for pregnant woman is called “The Belly-Only Pregnancy Program”. Katie, the Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist who created the course, shows you that healthy nutrition is possible during pregnancy, but also believes that there should be some flexibility to allow for those pregnancy cravings. She offers a TON of meal plan options in the course. Take a look at all the options within the course JUST for recipes:

Effective Prenatal Exercises

Having a solid workout routine in combination with a healthy diet is a surefire way to have a belly-only pregnancy and ensure that you are able to lose the baby weight quickly after your little one arrives. The Belly-Only Pregnancy has specific workouts for each trimester. They are shown in video form, which makes it easy to follow along. Katie also covers how to complete pelvic floor exercises and moves to prevent diastasis recti. When you enroll in The Belly Only Pregnancy program, you get LIFETIME access to the videos. Meaning you can watch and re-watch over and over and even access it again with your future pregnancies.

Enroll in the Belly Only Pregnancy Program here. 

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