Guest Posts

Swaddles n’ Bottles is currently accepting content for guests posts! All guests posts will include a short bio on YOU and a link back to your blog (hellllo page views!)

Here’s some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions by guest writers:

What should I write about?

The options are endless (well not completely, they do need to fit within the Swaddles n’ Bottles theme). We love the new visions and creativity that guest writers bring to this site. We love reading about your personal experiences and expertise as a mother. It can be funny, contemplative, serious or the kind of read that has followers¬† reaching for the Kleenex. We just love the uniqueness of each mom and welcome that to come across in your writing. What don’t we love? Rants, negativity or anything that disrespects or insults any fellow moms.¬† Also, be sure your content is original! We do not accept posts that have been previously published on other sites or publications.

How long should my post be?

Good question! Anywhere between 500-1000 words is ideal, but we aren’t too strict on that guideline. You are welcome to include graphics and videos in your post, just be sure to check out the Guest Post Agreement below for more specification.

How do i submit my post?

It’s super easy! Send an email to caroline(at) with your content attached in either PDF or Word document format. I always like to check out your site too so I can admire your previously published work. Please include a link to your blog as well. If we decide to publish the piece, you will receive a response to your email with further instructions.¬† While we want to help every blogger get as much exposure to their great content as possible, we are only able to accept a small amount of guest posts per month.

So now that all the technical stuff is out of the way…

Seriously fellow #MomBlogger, I would love to read your stuff! I was once a new blogger working to get the word out on Swaddles n’ Bottles. It would be a joy to help you along your journey. Even if you would just like feedback or some tips and tricks, feel free to reach out!





Be sure to check out the Swaddles n’ Bottles Guest Post Agreement for all the technical and legal mumbo- jumbo!