Join the Swaddles n’ Bottles Group Boards on Pinterest!

We are currently accepting new members to our group board on Pinterest! Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1. Follow Swaddles n’ Bottles on Pinterest and request to join the board. 

Step 2. Re-pin these two pins! 

Pin 1

 Pin 2

Step 3. Complete the form below! 

There are a few group rules we ask members to follow: 

-No more than 2 pins per day to the board. 

-Repin at least 2 pins from the board each week. We ask you re-pin others’ content, not just your own. 

Our group boards are audited weekly to ensure these rules are being followed. Not following the board rules will lead to you being removed from the board. 


Group Board Request Form

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Do you agree to follow the group board rules?

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