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How to easily get rid of cradle cap

Cradle Cap Causes and Remedies

Cradle Cap is a dry, flaky (either yellow or white)  patches on your baby’s scalp. It can also appear on near their eyes, nose, forehead and ears. It is generally not itchy or painful.

While the cause of cradle cap isn’t completely clear, it is believed that the hormones a baby receives from their mother before birth. These hormones can cause the oil production in a baby’s skin to be out of sorts. The excess oil in the hair follicles and scalp can cause the buildup that leads to cradle cap. (source)

SO how do you get rid of cradle cap?

Mild cases of cradle cap can be removed with a gentle soap and a fine-tooth comb.

I’ve tackled a lot of cradle cap in my days, from mild to sever and the one step I feel a lot of moms miss…. you have to wet, then wait.  The dry, flaky areas need time to soften before they can be removed. It you try to remove them too quickly, you may and up removing bits of baby’s hair.

Start by wetting baby’s head and applying what ever sort of shampoo you use. If baby’s case is severe, you can use an olive oil or coconut oil to help really soften up those flakes.

Then wait. Play a little game of peek-a-boo, Wash other parts of baby, maybe snap a few pictures of how cute baby looks in the tub, whatever you like. Just wait about 10 minutes.

Next, massage. You have to break up those flakes and free them from the scalp before brushing. Skipping this step may lead to pulling out some hair too! Massage gently with circular motions.

This is where my secret weapon comes in. I ordered a cheap brush from Amazon meant just for fighting cradle cap. It has a side with rubber bristles for massaging and a fine tooth comb at the other end. More on using that below.  You can find the brush on Amazon here. 

The best brush for fighting and removing cradle cap

Finally, you brush. As gross as it sounds, this is the most satisfying step because you can see the flakes start to build up on the brush. Be sure you are using a fine tooth comb to get them! Brush from all different angles. Wipe the brush frequently so you are not putting the loose flakes back onto baby’s head.

Once you have broken down and removed any thick cradle cap build up, use the brush at every washing to help keep a new build up from happening.

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