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Everything you need to know about Linea Negra (including if it will EVER go AWAY?!)

Linea Negra: What is it exactly?

There are so many wonderful changes that happen to our bodies during pregnancy, but there are also some strange things we might experience… like that black line that slowly begins to run down the middle of your belly. We’re talking about Linea Negra. Here’s what we know about why it happens and how long it will last.

Linea Negra, also known as the pregnancy line, is a dark line that stretches almost the entire length of your belly. Linea Negra (black line) tends to be thicker on the area under your belly button and thinner towards the top. It usually shows up in the second half of your pregnancy. For some, the color is darker than others.

Black Line on stomach while pregnant

What Causes Linea Negra?

The official cause of the Linea Negra is still unknown. According to AmericanPregnancy. org, “one theory is that melanocyte-stimulating hormone created by the placenta is the main contributing factor.  This hormone is also believed to cause the darkening around the nipples.”

Will Linea Negra Eventually Go Away?

For most, yes. The line will gradually fade in the months following delivery. If you are breastfeeding, it may take longer to fade since your body will still be producing higher levels of hormones that caused the change in the first place.

However, for some mothers, the line will always be somewhat visible.

In terms of tactics to speed up the fading process, there are no proven methods. Some mothers report success with consistent exfoliation in order to remove the dark skills cells that have died. Others report success with a bleaching cream. Again, giving your line negra time to fade is the only proven method. Try to see it as another one of those wonderful signs that your body created life 🙂

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