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5 things you need to know before adding a chalkboa

Tips for DIY’ing a Chalkboard Wall in your Playroom

Creating a space dedicated to play time was a must when we were preparing for two under two. We knew that we needed to contain the clutter and the chaos and converting my old office into an area for the girls was a no brainer.

Of course, I wanted to include a chalkboard wall as a creative outlet space for Emmy.  So, we picked up a can of Rust-oleum chalk board paint and have been so happy with the results! Emmy colors for a good amount of time each day and I’m sure Nora will one day enjoy it too!

5 things you need to know before painting a chalkboard wall in your playroom

5 things you need to know before painting a chalkboard wall in your playroom

(PS- her little stand shown here is the same one we use for her in the kitchen! We ordered it from Amazon when she was 20 months old and it has done so much in terms of teaching her independence! Here’s the link for it on Amazon!)

1. It will definitely take more than one coat.

For some reason, I was under the impression that the paint would be dense and thick, but it was quite the opposite. The photo below shows one coat on the left and a second coat on the right.

If I wasn’t aware of step #2, then I probably would have put a second coat on. However, I figured the process of seasoning the chalkboard wall would cover up those small imperfections (which it did!)

Keep in mind that the can of paint from Rust-oleum is not very large, so If you are planning on doing a full wall, you may need to get two!

2. You Must Be Patient…Then Season

As it mentions on the back of the Rust-oleum can, wait 3 days after you paint your wall to start drawing on it. I know this can be difficult because your little ones may be so excited, but it will save you headache in the long run!

Once the three days has passed, you need to season the chalkboard wall. This is basically putting a thin coat of chalk over every area of the wall.

Have you ever seen a chalkboard where the previous writing can still be seen? This happens because chalkboards are porous and if you don’t seal those pores with the thin layer of chalk, you risk there always being a ghostly type writing from your previous projects present.

I would suggest covering the entire wall with vertical strokes of chalk followed by horizontal.

Once the whole wall is covered, wipe away with a towel!

3. Consider placing something down to protect your floors.

It gets MESSY! Here’s a look at what my wood floors look like after a day of coloring and playing. Even when I use a wet mop, the chalk residue can still be seen in the cracks! I don’t know that my floors will ever be the same!

Floors under the chalkboard wall in the playroom! This is why you should consider putting some sort of foam mat under the coloring areaIf possible, try to protect your floors. I feel like those foam play mats that go together like a puzzle would be perfect in this scenario!

4. Chalkboard Wall secret weapon: MAGIC ERASER!

In the case that you do have some residue and are not able to remove it completely, magic erasers work WONDERS. Just be sure to rinse the wall well after you use them as residue from the eraser can make it a little difficult for the chalk to stick to the wall.

5. Beware of the Markers….

I know the chalkboard markers are tempting because they just look so vibrant and clean, but they can be a pain in the butt! No matter how long you wait after painting and how much your season and how much you scrub with a magic eraser, it just never seems to fully go away.

Now I still use the markers, but only on writing that I would like to stay for some time. I don’t let Emmy go wild with them, knowing how much trouble it is to remove.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to making bright and clean lettering, consider using stencils, like My Sweet Savannah does below! 

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