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About tp pop baby shower favors

Customizable “About To Pop” Gift Tags

How cute is this baby shower thank you gift?! A bag of pop corn with some sweets mixed in and a personalized thank you tag is a great way to thank your sweet guests for showering your and baby with love!


These tags are available in both pink and blue and print 6 per sheets. More details on how to download and customize below.


How to Download:
Start by selecting you color option below. Once selected, you will be taken to the start of the payment process. Our printable distribution is powered by SendOwl, a secure network powered by PayPal. Enter your name and email address on the first screen and select either PayPal or Stripe as your payment method.



Once payment is complete, you will receive an email with the link to download your tags. You will need Adobe Reader in order to edit your tags. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you can download if for free here. 

Once you have downloaded Adobe Reader, open your tags in Adobe Reader. As you hover your mouse over the name, you will see a black box appear around it. Simply click and add your mama-to-be’s name. You can then follow the same process to edit the date. 


Once you have completed editing, you are now ready to print your tags! We suggest printing your tags on 65 lbs. Card Stock.  

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