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Guys, I hope you don’t mind that this post may not be as refined as other, but I’m almost on the verge of tears with happiness and I’m just going to let it flow….

When I started Swaddles n’ Bottles, my intentions were to share information with new and soon-to-be moms. I never dreamed it would grow to what it has. It is now my full time job yet I am still able to stay home with Emmy everyday. It has been the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for. I am eternally grateful for all the support.

In early 2017, I sat down to create my  blog goals for the year. After looking through my page view stats, I realized I was going to hit ONE MILLION page views in the first half of the year. Heck, with the way February went, we may even hit it by the end of MARCH!  I am amazed, shocked, thankful… just all sorts of happy! And I want to do something BIG to celebrate!

A few weeks after realizing the big milestone was on the horizon, I stopped into  a large retail chain that specialized in baby items to pick up some supplies for my Emmy. While I was checking out, I overheard my cashier tell a manager that a woman who had been known to steal baby food for her child had returned to the store. My heart sank. All sorts of emotions washed over me in a matter of seconds. Can you imagine the battle that mother was facing? Can you imagine how it feels to be so out of options, so desperate to feed your hungry baby, that you can find no other choice but to steal food? Here I was buying silicon bibs because Emmy’s other bibs were too hard to keep clean and a woman who I had possibly passed earlier in an aisle was fighting a battle no mother should ever have to fight…

That’s when Jay and I decided that we wanted to help make a difference in the Houston area when it came to less fortunate mothers and their babies. We got in touch with Leah, the program coordinator at L.I.F.E Houston, and our mission began to flourish. I learned that in their time as a non-profit, they have provided over 2.8 million emergency meals to babies. That’s two million moments where a mother needed help and babies were hungry. When I told her of the instance I had witnessed earlier that week, she told me theft is quiet a common problem for most retailers who sell formula and baby food. I also learned that mothers who are in desperate circumstances will often water down formula to make it last longer, or provide juice or water in replacement of formula. The thought of struggling in that way makes my chest tighten right up. I knew that I wanted to commemorate the blessings that we have seen from this website by making a substantial donation to L.I.F.E Houston in hopes that we can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate mothers in Houston.

So starting today through May 15,  I am going to be collecting donations for L.I.F.E Houston. I will match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $2,000!!



I plan to take all the money earned and purchase the items that L.I.F.E Houston is in great need of (diapers, formula, baby food, wipes, etc). I am also in the process of reaching out to different brands to ask for assistance (either through donations or coupons) to help stretch the financial resources we collect! Come May 15, we hope to deliver a HUGE haul of supplies to L.I.F.E Houston and make a BIG difference in the life of a mother who only wants the best for her baby, just like you and I do!

So please, join me in making a difference in the life of a little one! It could be $5 or $50, no matter the amount, know that it is going to a GREAT cause! You can donate below through PayPal. All donations are tax deductible! Once you’ve made your donations, you will be taken to a new page that will allow you to enter your email address to receive updates on our fundraising goal!

If you would like to read more about L.I.F.E Houston, check out their website here! You can also  read basic information on the items they provide (the items we will be purchasing with the funds) here!

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