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In the final weeks of pregnancy, woman should be on the look out for their bloddy show to begin or losing their mucus plug. Here's the difference between these two events

Bloody Show vs. Mucus Plug

During those final weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers are on high alert. There are so many sign that tell you that labor is on the way. 

Two of the biggest tell-tale signs that your baby will be here soon are your mucus plug and “the bloody show”. Here’s details on each of them and what they mean in terms of delivery time line.

Mucus Plug

What is a mucus plug exactly? Well according to Medical News Today, “A plug of mucus forms inside the cervix during the early stages of pregnancy. Increased levels of progesterone in the body cause the cervix to soften and produce thick mucus that eventually forms a plug.

The mucus plugs main job is to keep harmful bacteria out of your uterus as your little fetus grows. However, as you begin to dilate, it can fall out. Some woman report losing their plug weeks before delivery and others never lose it at all. I never lost mine with either of my two daughters.

The mucus plug will be clear in color and may be slightly pink. It will be a thick and have the consistency of gel.

The biggest difference between a mucus plug and the start of a bloody show is that a mucus plug will not have any blood in it while your show obviously will. Hence the name.

Bloody Show

Just like your mucus plug, bloody show is a sign that labor is approaching, but the time frame on when that will happen varies from woman to woman.

According to Medical News Today, certain types of bleeding, including bloody show, are perfectly normal during pregnancy.Unlike other types of bleeding during pregnancy that can be concerning, bloody show has a mucus like texture but will be tinged with either bright red or dark-colored blood. The amount of blood varies from woman to woman.

If you are ever concerned with vaginal bleeding at any point in your pregnancy, reach out to your OB as soon as possible.

Other Signs Labor is Approaching

Aside from the Bloody show occurring or losing your mucus plug, there are other signs that tell you that labor may soon me approaching:

  • Baby “drops” lower into your pelvis
  • You start experiencing diarrhea and nausea
  • Irregular and unpredictable contractions start (your body starts gearing up!)

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