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The Best Blue Punch for Baby Showers

When it comes to baby shower celebrations, a colored punch is a must-have! Not only is it a great drink to offer guests, but placed in a nice pitcher or punch bowl and it doubles as a color coordinating table decoration!

Today I am sharing my go-to recipe for blue punch. It’s a simple lemonade based punch that can easily be taken blue with a packet of Koolaid.

I’ve been on a mission to cut back on our family’s sugar intake for some time so I use all non-sugar ingredients (links below for what I ordered to make it sugar-free).

This recipe can be made in a non-alcoholic or alcoholic version. The choice is yours! Although I do always recommend that if you are going to make the entire pitcher alcoholic, that you place a little tag or sign letting guests know that its made boozy-style 🙂

Baby Blue Lemonade Ingredients:

-1 Gallon Water (switch to sparkling water to take it up a notch!)

-2 cups freshly squeezed lemons

-2 cups of sugar (you can use a sugar alternative)

-1 packet of blue Kooliad (I use the sugar free version! Heres the link for what I ordered!)

* I also like to have a few extra lemons on hand to slice and add to the bowl. It’s just a little something extra that takes up the presentation of it.

**I also never add ice to the punch bowl or pitcher just because no one wants a watered-down drink. I simply keep an ice bucket right next to the punch for guests to use.

Instructions: Start by adding the water to your pitcher or punch bowl. Add in freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar. Stir well! Slowly add in your Koolaid. You have a little wiggle room with how blue you want your punch to be. Taste test along the way until you get it just right!

If you want to make your punch alcoholic, you can add flavored vodka. The opportunities are really endless here but the safest bet is a lemon or strawberry flavored vodka.

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