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how to relive round ligament pain while pregnant

How to Relieve Round Ligament Pain

It’s been close to three years since I delivered Emmy and I can still vividly remember the first night I experienced round ligament pain. It was excruciating. I walked up and down the hallway of our home, half asleep, and totally worried. It lasted for what felt like hours but by morning, had completely vanished. I called by OB’s office and spoke with a nurse who gave me the run down on round ligament pain.

What is Round Ligament Pain?

Your round ligaments are rope-like ligaments that connect to and support your uterus. As your uterus begins to grow, these ligaments stretch. The pain is sharp and usually on either one side of your body or across your abdomen.

Natural Round Ligament Remedies

Add Extra Support

Maternity support belts are a great way to reduce the pain from your round ligaments. I wore one for months with my first daughter. They fit right around your belly and is easily concealed under your clothes. You can find a large selection of them here. Big plus:they will also help with lower back pain!

how to relieve round ligament and lower back pain

Apply Heat

Taking a warm bath or applying low heat to your abdomen may help. It will loosen the muscles and relieve the pain. Feel free to throw in some lavender essential oils to your bath to make it extra relaxing.  If you choose to use a heating pad, be sure to set it to the lowest settings and not use it for more than 15 minutes.

Kick Up Your Feet

Little did I know, that night I was pacing through the hall, my walking very well could have been making the pain worse. According to Medicine News Today, round ligament pain can be caused or worsened by movement. So take this opportunity to rest, Lay on one side of your body and relax.

While round ligament pain is totally normal, there are times you should call you doctor. If you are experiencing fever, chills, or bleeding, or the pain simply does not subside, call you medical provider.

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