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As Emmy’s love for coloring and crafting grew, so did our need for a simple and inexpensive artwork display solution. While I loved having her artwork displayed on the side of the fridge, it was becoming overwhelming and really wasn’t doing the creations justice.

So we got a little creative and turned a blank wall in her playroom into the Simmons Fine Art Gallery.

Emmy's Playroom Artwork Display

The curtain rods are white tension rods from Target (just $3.50 each) and they are held up by command hooks (we did the ones that just hold 1 lb and so far, so good).

The small hooks we used to clip the artwork up were ordered from Amazon some time ago and we had extras lying around the house. They are technically considered curtain clips but they work perfect for this. The exact ones I ordered on Amazon are no longer available but this is an exact match! 

All in all, the display cost less than $15 to make!

As far as the Simmons Fine Art Gallery vinyl sign… it’s mostly home made!

My husband is big into wood working and we had the wood lying around. He stained it with the same stain he uses on all of our home furniture (Minwax Gel Stain in Mahogany) and slightly rounded the edges with a router.

I ordered the vinyl letters from Do It Yourself Lettering. The “Simmons” is in the Rage Italic font and the “fine art gallery is in Empire. The total for the letters was just over $12! I though that was very reasonable!

All in all, with the materials we had laying around the house, combined with the cheap materials, this project was VERY INEXPENSIVE! It sure made a big impact for a small price!

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