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12 things only New Moms Google

12 Things Only New Moms Google

Google is a new mom’s saving grace. And a new mom’s worst nightmare. We must admit though, we have all done it. We have a concern so  type it into our google search. As a new mom those concerns come often and can cause quite the worry. We just want to be sure what we are experiencing is NORMAL.

1.       Should poop look like THAT?

Become a mom and suddenly you’re poop obsessed. It is the topic of far too many conversations. What color should my baby’s poop be? Is my baby pooping too much? Is my baby pooping too little? Should my baby’s poop smell this bad?

2.       When will I stop looking pregnant?

This is something that isn’t talked about enough. When you leave the hospital, you WILL look 5-6 months pregnant still. It can feel a bit strange.  Will I ever get to wear my regular clothes again?!

3.       Does my baby hate me?

So. Much. Crying. From the moment our babies enter the world, that tiny newborn wail begins. And while mom’s arms are often the answer, sometimes that doesn’t work, and you begin to question… does my baby not like me?! Am I doing something wrong?

4.       Why can’t I put my baby down?

This baby won’t let me put him down! As soon as you get your little newborn fast asleep and all you have is a nice shower on your mind, you begin to tip toe over to the baby swing and boom… baby is back awake and crying. Can I put my baby down? Am I am bad mom if I am not holding my baby all the time?

5.       When do babies start sleeping through the night?

Newborn babies sleep around 18 hours a day… but are up all night. How does that work? When will my baby have routine naps? When can I stop waking my baby to eat at night? Why do I spend most of my day thinking about sleep?

6.       When will the umbilical cord fall off?

For such a tiny little thing, it can cause a whole lot of concern. Am I supposed to clean it? What if it looks red? Can it really fall off as early as a week old? (psst- tips on how to properly care for baby’s umbilical cord here)

7.       How to tell if what I am eating is hurting my baby?

Breastfeeding is amazing but can be difficult. How do I know if I should avoid certain foods? Did I eat something to upset my baby’s tummy or is my baby just fussy? Do I need to eliminate something from my diet?

8.       Is my baby getting enough milk?

Unfortunately, there is no measuring device on our breasts to tell how much milk our baby just consumed. Should my boobs feel sore? Should I be leaking this much? Should I feed my baby from both sides? How will I know when my baby is full? (Tip- the easiest way to tell is in the baby’s diapers. More on that here.)

9.       Does my baby have a rash?

From stork bites to baby acne, that gently baby skin can be complicated. Rashes are tricky and can come and go quickly. Should I put something on my baby’s skin?

10.   What is colic?

Everyone warns you about colic or tells you their awful stories of their newborns inconsolable screams, but what exactly is colic? How do I know if my baby has it and most importantly, what can I do to make it go away? Luckily, we had a guest poster with TONS of colic experience share their methods for dealing with it. Read the full details on colic and how to deal with it in this post.

11.   Why do I keep crying?

We all know babies cry but why am I a blubbering mess? I cry because I’m tired. I cry because my baby is crying. I cry because my baby is so perfect, and I feel so lucky. I cry, and I don’t even know why I am crying.  When will the raging hormones calm down? 

12.   How much spit up is too much spit up?

Around 2 weeks or so some babies start spitting up. But is my baby supposed to be a fountain? Is this what everyone is talking about when they say reflux? Is it normal to change my baby’s (and my own) outfit 5 times a day?


Even when we have google at our beckon call, if something just doesn’t feel right, give your pediatrician a call. As moms, we all just want to know what we are experiencing is common and curable.  Babies are precious, complex little beings that don’t come with an owner’s manual. You may not recognize you have one yet, but follow your mama instinct and everything will be just fine.




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