21 Things Every Expectant Mom Should Do To Prepare For Baby

21 Things You Must Do Before Your Due Date

1.Make time for you and your partner. Seriously. This is number one for a reason! I remember the last date Jay and I went on so vividly because it was so special. I wish we would have done more of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love our family of 3 dinner date nights, but there is something so special about making time for just the two of you while #3 is in tow in your belly.

2. Register at the hospital this may be a no brainer, but it’s important that you don’t wait too long to do this. Most hospitals will have a time at the end of your hospital tour to register, but always call to make sure!

3. Stock up on the non- baby essentials. I won’t waste time telling you to get diapers, wipes and baby clothes ready, that’s a no brainer! But there are non-baby things you will soon find out are just as important as the baby essentials. Like batteries. And paper plates. and So. much. more. Read the full list here. 

4. Get some mama pampering in. Especially a Mani and Pedi. You will be happy you did when you look back at all the pictures of you holding baby in the hospital. You also might not find time in the near future to get your hair cut, so it might be good to get a trim now! Check Groupon for deals on prenatal massages too!

5. Pack your hospital bag around 37 weeks just to be safe. Read my list of what I couldn’t have lived without, what I didn’t need and what I WISHED I had brought here.  Make sure dad has a bag packed too! A tip from Jay to all other dad’s- pack a sweater! They keep it super cold in the hospitals for all those hormonal mamas 🙂 Also be sure to check out our DIY Padsicle post. It’s a must have for postpartum care and you can take a few to the hospital with you!

6. Pack the diaper bag-  Alot of bag packing going on here. This one is really important! There is no worse feeling than being out in public with a poopy baby and realizing you do not have diapers, wipes or a change of clothes. But I’m not speaking from experience or anything (fingers crossed). Here’s how to pack the PERFECT diaper bag.

7. Take maternity photos. I did not hire a photographer to do this and it BREAKS. MY. HEART.  You are so beautiful and pregnant right now and you will love that bump even more once you meet the sweet baby growing in there. Capture it!  It will be the best money you spend on a photographer. Second to #8 of course…

8.  Schedule newborn photos. This one takes a bit of research. New born photographers book up quickly and can be expensive. It can take a while to find a good one within your budget. Alot of photographers will offer package deals for maternity + newborn sessions. You want to take these within the first 10 days of baby’s arrival so be sure to schedule before going into labor! A tip- I think the best way to browse for photographers in your area is Facebook! Type in your city name + ” newborn photographer” into Facebook search bar and you can scroll through the photos until some pop out at you! (P.S. If you are by any chance in the Houston area, I HIGHLY recommend LZ Moments Photography)

9. Make freezer meals You will thank yourself later! I felt like a super mom in the first week of having Emmy because I was able to put hot, healthy and delicious meals on the table because I had prepped them before her arrival. Here is a list of my favorite ones.

10. Find a pediatrician. Like searching for a photographer, this one takes research too! Read my post on the questions to ask and things to look for when searching for a baby doc.

11. Install baby’s car seat around 37 weeks. Babies R Us has a free check for car seats on the first Thursday of every month. You want to make sure it is installed properly for baby’s safety.

13. Get an Amazon Family Subscription and set up your diaper and wipe deliveries.  I can say without a doubt that Amazon makes my life as mom SO. MUCH. EASIER. (and no, Amazon did NOT pay me to say that). Since Emmy was born, I have had diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, even our air filters delivered using Amazon Family. You get a discount for every subscription you add. Plus, I take big advantage of the free Prime shipping. I seriously think the UPS delivery dude and I are on a first name basis because he is here just about daily delivering stuff from Amazon.  You can sign up for a free trial here.

14.Prepare for breastfeeding. Because to be honest, it can be tough. You will need supplies such as breast pads and nipple cream. Make sure you have a good water bottle on hand. You might want to go ahead and stock up on some lactation support supplies in the case that you need a little assistance makin’ milk. You can ready up on the products I depend on to keep my supply up here.

15.  Clear out a drawer for postpartum clothes. For real. I went to Forever 21 and bought a bunch of leggings and T’s in a size larger than I normally was and had a special drawer for them. This is also where I kept my granny panties that I wore for an entire month after having Emmy. Get some of those too!

15. Get your carpets  cleaned. You will be happy you did during baby’s tummy time. You can do this yourself by renting a machine or hire a professional. Either way, it’s money well spent.

17. Pick a birth announcement. You will want to send out cards shortly after the newborn photo’s come back. Make sure you have mailing addresses on hand as well. Shutterfly and TinyPrints are always sending out promo codes to expectant moms (how to they find us?!) so keep an eye out for those.

18.  Research, find and register with a day care. You can obviously skip this one if you plan to stay home. But for those hard working mama’s, you will want to find a place that you feel comfortable leaving little one. The best places usually have a waiting list so start contacting them early! Be sure to get a list of documents you will need to provide once baby is born.

19.  Finalize your birth plan.  Most doctors will have a template that you can work off of. You can also find alot of tips and tricks on pinterest!

20. Wash and organize baby clothing. This one is listed last for a reason! If you start doing this too soon, you will end up continuously washing as they clothes continue to come into your home! Wait until about 37 weeks to do this. It will save you time and energy!

21. You absolutely, without a doubt, have to relax. Whatever that may be… reading a book, taking a hot bath, or binge watching Parenthood until you can’t cry anymore. Keeping mama calm during those final days is important for both of you. Enjoy this special time.

BONUS: Be sure to order all your free baby gear. Find the list here!

Do you have some good tips to add to this list? Comment below and share!



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