11 Breast Feeding Hacks That Change The Game

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

Breast Feeding arm pillow

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

The common breast feeding pillows like the Boppy and the My Breast Friend work great. I have personally used both while breast feeding Emmy. But this arm pillow was a game changer for a number of reasons. 1. It can travel with you alot easier (restaurants, grandma’s house, around the house). 2. It is alot easier to maneuver with baby. Picture the scenario: you are home alone, baby gets hungry. You scoop him up to start a feeding session, now you some how have to pick up a large boppy pillow, sit down, get the pillow around you with one arm, all while s till safely holding baby. The arm pillow makes it so much easier. You slip if over you arm, pick up baby and take a seat. See? Game. Changer. Plus it’s like half the cost.

Let There Be Milk

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

If you have read any other posts on my page, you know I am a HUGE fan of this stuff. It makes my breast feeding life so much easier. Just last night, Jay and I went out for date night and Emmy had her final feeding from a bottle, meaning I had not breast fed since 3:40 P.M. I got home late and was way too tired to pump. I woke up this morning worried my production might dip since I skipped a feeding. I took 3 drops of this magic liquid along with a cup of Mother’s Milk Tea and my worries are at bay. It’s just so nice to have a sense of security that I will always be able to produce enough for my little nugget to eat. UPDATE: I know this product is ALWAYS sold out. I’ve got a list of other products that are similar here.

Nursing reminder clips

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

After a 3 A.M. feeding session, it can be difficult to remember which breast you started your last feed on. Enter these nifty reminder clips for your bra. They are magnetic and easily slip on to keep tracking your feedings super easy! They can be found on Amazon and Etsy. There are also a few apps you can download. I tried this method but I always managed to forget my phone when heading up to Emmy’s room for the late night feedings. I liked the clip because I always felt it when hooking and unhooking my nursing bra and it reminded me to switch it.

Aloe Vera Bags

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

Ahhhh how wonderful these were those first few days. I took two breast milk storage bags and filled them with Aloe Vera gen and popped them into the freezer. They were great for sore nipples. Sometimes they were a little too cold if in the freezer so I would either let them sit out for a few minutes to cool or I would switch them to the fridge. Either way- huge life saver for very little money. I got this huge thing of aloe for only $2.50!

Hands Free Nursing Clip

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

Breast feeding in public can be difficult. You need all the help you can get to keep your hands free and this little clip thing does exactly that. Combine it with the free nursing cover that helps keep your hands free too and you will have smooth sailing when it comes to breast feeding while out and about.

quick clean Steam bags from Medela

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

I hate washing pump parts. Like really hate it. Mostly because of how much time it takes but more because I am so neurotic over it it is really clean or not. I feel like alot of germs could hide in all those little crevices. Enter the Meleda  quick clean steam bags. You just fill it with a little water, pop it in the microwave for 4 minutes and you’ve got sanitized pump parts! #MomWin

breast feeding leggings

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game


Another big help when breast feeding in public! Once you have your shirt clipped up, you will have your whole belly exposed! These leggings are designed for postpartum mama’s with extra support built in. You could also just double your shirts up and wear a nursing tank under every top. I just like these because it gives me an excuse to wear leggings. Every day.

Rolled up receiving blankets

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

This hack is a little strange to explain… so once your milk comes in your boobies are huge- Like super huge. And heavy. Sometimes you need a little help holding them up so baby can nurse properly. Just roll up a thin fabric receiving blanket and prop it under your breast. It makes it easier than having to hold it up during the whole feeding with your hand.

Milk Savers

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Completely Change the Game

You’ll soon learn that every drop of breast milk is to be cherished and protected. This is where Milkies Milk Savers come in handy. You simply attach to the nipple that you are not feeding on and all that milk that is released during your let down will be saved! How much milk saved? Up to half an ounce at times!


So I am editing this post JUST to add this item. I found it on Pinterest last night and think it is just about the most niffty thing I have ever seen. It’s a breast feeding night light. It also has a built in timer that will vibrate after a certain amount of time in case you fall asleep. Which I do. All the time! I love this!  It’s available here on Amazon.

11 Breast Feeding Hacks that Change the Game


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